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Oceanic Crust A much denser crust in the earth that contains oxygen, silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, and magnesium.
Continental Crust The less dense crust that contains oxygen, silicon, and aluminum.
Lithosphere The rigid outer part of the earth, that has the crust and upper mantle
Asthenosphere The upper layer of the mantle, below the lithosphere
Mesosphere The part of earths atmosphere above the stratosphere and below the thermosphere
A part of the earth between the crust and the core
Outer core Fluid layer mostly made of iron and Nickle
Inner Core Solid iron and Nickle and also makes up the earths magnetic field
Alfred Wegner German polar researching, geophysicist and meteorologists
Pangea A theory that all continents were all connected and soon broke apart to what we know today.
Continental Drift The theory that explained how continents broke apart
Mid~ocean Ridge An under water mountain system formed by plate tectonics
Sea-floor Spreading The formation of new areas of oceanic crust
Convection Currents A current of lava that creates a convection
Plate Boundary A tectonic plate where two plates are moving away from each other
Convergent Boundary A tectonic Boundary where two plates move toward each other
Divergent Boundary Tectonic Boundary where two plates are moving away from each other.
Transform Boundary Where two of the tectonic plates slide alongside each other.
Subduction The plates going over each other
Theory of Plate Tectonics The lithosphere is broken into tiny pieces and they are moving
Volcano A mountain having a vent where lava erupts from
Earthquake A sudden violent shaking in the ground sometimes causing destruction
Hotspot A place of volcano activity
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