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Earthquake When the tectonic plates move around causing the ground t shake, as well as creating seismic waves
Volcanoe A whole in the ground thata??s shops out hot rock/magma
Plate tectonic theory The theory that plates go along the lithosphere and move around
Transform Boundary The boundaries where the plates slide past each other and the lithosphere is either destroyed or created…
Divergent Boundary Also known as Constructive Boundary
Convergent Boundary
Plate Boundary
Oceanic crust On the outer most layer of eart. Is the thinnest layer and has water above it
Continental crust On the outer most layer of earth. Is the thickest layer of earth
Litho… lithosphere Word that means rock
Asthenosphere The sideways and downward movements of a tectonic plate moving in or out of the mantle becoming above or under another plate
Mantle Layer directly underneath the crust
Mesosphere another word for mantle Also known as the destructive boundary, this Boundary is an active deformation where two or more tectonic plates are at the end of their life cycle
Inner core Three types of boundaries, convergent, divergent, and transform plate boundaries
Alfred Wegner The scientists who came up with the theory of Pangaea and the continental drift
Pangaea The name of the A?super continent
Continental drift When continent move along earths surface
Mid- ocean ridge The ridge that runs along the entire ocean
Sea floor spreading When the sea floor spreads and create canyons
Convection currents The source that moves the tectonic plates/continental plates around earths crust
Outer core The liquid layer above the inner core
Hotspot A soft hot spot on the lithosphere where magma comes out
Inside earth

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