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Oceanic crust Made of the elements oxygen, silicon, and aluminum. However, oceanic is more denser and has almost twice as much iron, calcium, and magnesium than the continental crust
Continental Earth Same as oceanic crust but less dense and has less materials
Lithosphere The outermost, rigid layer of the Earth, is made out of two parts- the crust and the rigid upper part of the mantle
Asthenosphere The plastic layer of the mantle on which pieces of the lithosphere move
Outer core
Inner core
The strong lower part
Hot rock in the earth
The liquid layer
A solid ball in the center of the earth
Alfred Wegner A scientist who discovered tectonic plates
Pangea A huge continent formed by tiny continents surrounded by a large body of water
Continental drift That continents once formed landmasses
Mid-ocean ridge Underwater mountain ranges
Sea-floor spreading The process by which magma rises toward the surface
Convection currents The pressure that moves the magma or rocks
Plate boundary Two plates move away from each other
Convergent boundary Two plates move toward each other
Divergent boundary Two plates move away
Transform boundary Two plates move on top of each other
Subduction One of the two plates moves downward
Theory of plate tectonics Seismic activity occurs at the boundaries of these plates
Volcano A mountain or hill which magma, water vapor, and rock fragments come out of
Earthquake A violent shaking of the ground
Hotspot A small are or region that is hot
Inside Earth

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