Term Definition
Ingress The flow of fans into a venue
Egress The flow of fans out of or away from a venue
Bottlenecks A restriction of optimal traffic throughput. In Virtual Business—Sports, you may see bottlenecks occur in the parking lot because of overloaded traffic situations due to the inability of the parking and security staff to support the traffic load
Satellite parking Any parking lot that is offsite from the stadium. Shuttle buses are often required to transport fans to and from the stadium
Ticket sellers Those who sell tickets to the general public, often at the stadium itself
Ticket takers Those who take the tickets from patrons wishing to enter the stadium
Public transportation Methods of transport other than driving, such as the subway and the commuter rail
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) A federal law requiring, in part, that new stadiums be handicapped accessible
Ingress and Egress

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