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Based on the information, which of the following would most likely be directly affected by deforestation? B. The availability of some medications
Changes to an ecosystems Biodiversity can have a direct effect on humans because humans ________________________. D. Depend on the Earth's natural resources
Which of the following describes the most serious impact this would have on humans? C. Crops that humans use for food would be diminished
Which of the following would most likely increase the negative effects of nitrogen pollution? B. Loss of Biodiversity in the wetlands
Assuming corn production remains constant, which of the following claims is supported by the information given here? A. Increased production of ethanol would reduce the amount of corn available for feeding humans and animals
Describe two ways that introducing non-native species of a plant can reduce an area's biodiversity over time. Introducing a non-native species of plant can reduce the biodiversity if they damage or kill native species
what is the benefit of having a variety of pollinating birds and insects, and how could this service be harmed by changes in their population Insects and birds that help pollinate can benefit crop plants that depend on pollinators to produce food. changes in their population could result in fewer pollinators and fewer crops produced for food
How would a reduction in the amount of decomposers in an ecosystem affect the biodiversity of that ecosystem? A reduction in the amount of decomposers in and ecosystem could result in a lack of nutrients recycled in the soil for decomposition of organic matter (in addition to an increase in the amount of organic matter)
Read the scenario, prompt, and external data to write your scientific explanation. Claim:Man-assisted reefs benefit the coral reef animals.Evidence:
Human Impact Biodiversity Test

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