Term Definition
Insight Ability to see the nature of something
motive What motivates you to do something
asset A valuable possession
Depict show
Interval Gap between times
Bias unacceptance
Indifference Lack of interest
Resolution Decision after argument/act of solving a problem
probe examine
assure guarantee
dedicate commit to
inherit receive something from someone
fundamental basic
Indirect not straight forward
phase stage in process
proposal offer
scope range
segregate separate
isolate separate
explicit specific
leisurely relaxed
alienation isolation
idle lazy
drowsy half asleep
alarming startling
rapid swift or speedy
sincere nice or whole hearted
abundant plentiful
accomadate provide shelter
accumulate acquire increasing quantity
adhere believe and follow the practices of
allegiance loyalty to a certain group
ambition strong desire to achieve something
ample plentiful
apparel clothing
apprehensive fearful something bad might happen
arid having little or no rain;dry
awe fear or wonder
barren (of land) to poor to produce vegetation
beacon a fire or light set up high for warning or celebration
blunder careless mistake
boisterous lively and active
boycott rebel aganist
umpire referee
encase enclose or cover in a case or close-fitting surround
brisk active, fast, and energetic
gracious courteous, kind, and pleasant
acquifer a body of permeable rock that can contain or transmit groundwater.
permeable capable of being permeated :penetrable; especially :having pores or openings that permit liquids or gases to pass through a permeable membrane permeable limestone
phobia fear
anxiety fear
projectile path a object goes when launched or thrown
belie disagree
keen anxious
dense compressed thick heavy
rotund big or fat
fatal destructive or deadly
lethal destructive or deadly
locomotive powered rail vehicle for pulling trains or " locomotive power"
habitual ordinary or normal
diligence hard work or persistent work and effort
accusation accuse + tion
condone accept and allow bad things to happen
stifle make someone unable to breathe/ choke
meek fierce
vital1. 1. very important, essential2. full of energy; lively.
merely just, only
strewn scatter or spread
comprehensive thorough, complete, all inclusive
euphesim pronounced (U-phemism) mild, indirect expression
foreshadow indicate something to come
clumsy lacking dexterity, nimbleness, or grace e.g clumsy hands
conserve to keep in a safe or sound state He conserved his inheritance.; especially :to avoid wasteful or destructive use of conserve natural resources conserve our wildlife
oppose to place over against something so as to provide resistance, counterbalance, or contrast
calligraphy (calli+graphy) elegant handwriting (calli = beautiful)
solitary being, living or going alone without companions
stalk to pursue prey , stealthiliy
discard to get rid of
tinge color slightly
offspring children or young of particular parent
conceal hide, to keep from sight, keep it secret
Hrithik Vocab words

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