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Child labor The use of children in industry or business,especially when illegal or considered in humane
Union Organized association of workers formed to protect and further rights and interest
Monopoly Exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service
Philanthropy Desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by generous donation of money to good causes
Transcontinental Protect of 2 railroads companies that unify pacific and central pacific
Anti trust acts Prohibits monopolies or unreasonable combinations of companies to restrict or in any way control interstate
Thomas Edison Invented the phonograph.his invention made going to the symphony absolute.Inventing the light bulb.
Bessemer process The first inexpensive industrial process for the mass production of steel from molten pig iron before the development
Andrew Carnegiea??s gospel of wealth Steel king! Integrated every phase of his making was to improve efficiency by making supplies more reliable.
John D. Rockefeller Started from meager beginnings and eventually created oil empire.It achieved important economies both home and abroad
Interstate commerce act of 1887 Federal law that was designed to regulate the railroad industry particularly its monopolistic practices.
Alexander graham bell He was an American invented who was responsible for developing the telephone.this greatly improved the communications of the country.
History Chapter 5

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