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What is Elite A group of people with wealth, power, and status
What is Confederation The creation of Canada as a country
What is Absentee Landlords Land owned by prominent British families who lived elsewhere
What is Anglophone English speaking
What is Treaty A formal agreement between independant nations
What is Industrial Revolution The development of indestry
What is Pemmican Buffalo meat mixed with fat and berries
What is Ceded Lands Lands specified in treaty documents
What is Industrial Age When the industrial revolution spread from Britain to the rest of the western world
What is frencopone French speaking
when did Canada become a country July 1st 1867
What language and Religion were the people form Canada East French speaking And Roman Catholic
Who and where were the railway lines built The grand trunk railway built a railway line between Montreal and Toronto
What province has a strong shipbuilding industry Prince Edward Island (PEI)
What province had no sense of identity with the other countries Newfoundland
What provinces main industry was mining British Columbia
What language and religion were people from Canada West English speaking and Protestant
What province was concerned about its security from the United States New Brunswick
Who practiced the buffalo jump The First Nations
Before Confederation, what was Canada known as and what is it called today Canada meant the province of Canada, which had been created through the act of union in 1841
What did Upper Canada become known as and what is it called today Upper Canada is known as Canada West. Upper Canada is now Ontario
What did Lower Canada become know as and what is it called today Lower Canada is known as Canada East. Lower Canada is now Quebec
What does HBC, GTR, and NWC stand for Hudson's Bay Company, Grand Trunk Railway, and North West Comany
List some of the criteria or people who were not eligible to vote in the province of Canada Pre-Confederation Woman, People who rented homes, immigrants and First nations
Who were the two competitors in the fur trade when Rupert's Land was found HBC and NWC
What battle did Robert Semple and his men fight in Battle of Seven Oaks
What did Thomas Douglas call his newly purchased land in southern Manitoba Assiniboia
Which Atlantic colony was Primarily based on the fishing industry during the mid-1800s Newfoundland
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