Question Answer
Cartilage ? Strong, flexible connective tissue that can act as a cushion between two bones to reduce friction
Ossification? The process by which bones are formed, renewed and repaired
Ligament? A band of fibrous, slightly elastic connective tissue that attaches one bone to another
Tendon? A fibrous cord that attaches muscle to the bone
Scoliosis? A lateral or side-to-side curvature of the spine
Fracture? A fracture is a type of break in a bone
Hairline fracture ? If part of the bone isna??t separated
Transverse fracture? Fracture is completely across the bone
Compound/comminuted fracture ? The bone shatters into more than two pieces
Dislocation? When a bone slips out of place, tearing a ligament that attaches the bone to the joint
Torn cartilage? Sharp blow to a joint or a severe twisting of a joint
Bursitis ? Painful inflammation of a bursa-fluid-filled sac that helps reduce friction in joints
Bunions ? Painful swellings of the bursae in the first joints of the big toe
Arthritis? Inflammation of a joint, resulting from an injury, natural wear and tear or autoimmune disease
Osteoporosis? Condition in which there is a progressive loss of bone tissue
Smooth muscle? Muscles that act on the lining of the bodya??s passageways and hollow internal organs (e.g. bladder, digestive system)
Skeletal muscles ? Muscles attached to the bone that cause body movements
Flexor? The muscle that closes a joint
Extensor Muscle that opens a joint
Cardiac muscle ? Type of striped muscle that forms the wall of the heart
Bruises ? Discoloration in skin due to an injury
Muscle strains? Muscles are stretched or partially torn from overexertion
Tendinitis? Inflammation of a tendon can be a consequence of injury or overuse
Hernia? An organ or tissue protrudes through an area of weak muscle
Muscular dystrophy An inherited disorder in which skeletal muscle fibers are progressively destroyed
Total number of skeletal system? 206
Largest bone Femur
Tiniest bone Stapes -inner ear

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