Question Answer
Prevaricate Stray from the truth, mislead, lie
Hoary Very old, gray or white as from old age
Monastic Relating to or resembling a monastery (where monks or nuns live), esp. by being quiet, secluded, contemplative, strict, and/or lacking luxuries
Refractory Stubbornly disobedient, hard to manage
Recalcitrant having an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority or discipline.
Impasse Position or road from which there is no escape; deadlock
Intransigent, unwilling or refusing to change one's views or to agree about something.
Occlude Stop up, close, shut in or shut off
Obstreperous noisy and difficult to control.
Goad Urge on (as cattle) with a pointed or electrically charged stick; spur on, stimulate, encourage
Rejoinder Response or reply, esp. a witty comeback
Declaim Speak in an impassioned, pompous, or oratorical manner; give a formal speech
Inter Bury (a dead body) or place in a tomb
Invidious Hateful, offensive, injurious
Posit Presume, suggest, put forward (an idea)
Vociferous Noisily crying out, as in protest
Unsparing Generous, lavish (as in not sparing any help or gifts to others); unmerciful, harsh (as in not sparing any criticism)
supposition Assumption, hypothesis, something that has been supposed
fractious Unruly, troublemaking; irritable
Captious faultfinding, making a big deal of trivial faults
Expedient Suitable, proper; effective, often at the expense of ethics or other considerations
Recondite Not easily understood, hidden, dealing with an obscure topic
Calumny Malicious lie intended to hurt someone’s reputation; the act of telling such lies
exigent pressing; demanding.
echelon A level, rank or grade; the people at that level
incarnadine Blood red or flesh-colored
Endemic Native, local; natural, specific to, or confined to a particular place
Coagulate Cause a liquid to become solid or semisolid
Overwrought Overly nervous, agitated, or excited; too ornate, elaborate, or fussy; overdone
Sully Make dirty, stain, tarnish, defile
Husband Manage prudently, sparingly, or economically; conserve
Ribald Using or relating to obscene or vulgar humor
Statis Equilibrium, a state of balance or inactivity, esp. caused by equal but opposing forces
Inculcate Teach persistently, implant (an idea) in a person
Dyspeptic Grumpy, pessimistic, irritable; suffering from dyspepsia (indigestion)
Bawdy Vulgar or Lewd
Truculent Fierce, cruel, savage; belligerent
harangue Long, intense verbal attack, esp. when delivered publicly
multifarious Diverse, having a lot of variety
Demur Show reluctance or object, especially for moral reasons
Machination Crafty schemes or plots
vicissitude Changes or variations over time, esp. regular changes from one thing to another
Coterie Close or exclusive group, clique
inconstancy Fickleness, unreliability; the state of changing without good reason
Hand wringing Grasping, squeezing, etc. of the hands as an expression of nervousness, guilt, etc.; extend debate over what to do about an issue
repertorial Pertaining to a repertory or repertoire, a stock of available things or a number of theatrical performances presented regularly or in sequence
Penumbra Outer part of a shadow from an eclipse; any surrounding region, fringe, periphery; any area where something “sort of” exists
Hinterland (remote or undeveloped area)
Pastiche Mix of incongruous parts; artistic work imitating the work of other artists, often satirically
Circumscribe Strictly limit a role, range of activity, or area; in math, to be constructed around so as to touch as many points as possible
Dilatory Slow, late; procrastinating or stalling for time
Temporize avoid making a decision or committing oneself in order to gain time.
Salient Obvious, standing out; projecting, protruding, jutting out
Redound To have a good or bad effect, esp. as a result of a person’s efforts or actions (usually used with to, on, or upon)
Diurnal Occurring every day; happening in the daytime (rather than at night)
Rent Tear violently, esp. to tear one’s clothing or hair out of grief; pull apart, split, or tear away. Past tense is rent.
Discomfiting Disconcerting, confusing, frustrating
Vex annoy or bother; puzzle or distress
equivocate Use unclear language to deceive or avoid committing to a position
Maudlin Excessively sentimental, showing sadness or some other emotion in a foolish or silly way
hedge Avoid commitment by leaving provisions for withdrawal or changing one’s mind; protect a bet by also betting on the other side
Imprecation Curse; prayer for harm to come to someone
Tome Large or scholarly book; one of the volumes in a set of several books
Tergiversate make conflicting or evasive statements; equivocate.
Umbrage Offense or annoyance (usually as take umbrage, meaning become offended or annoyed)
Pique Pique also means anger or irritate. Note that to pique (that is, stimulate) someone’s interest is positive, but to pique a person is always bad.

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