Term Definition
Fertile Crescent The region where the first settled agricultural communities of the Middle East are thought to have settled
Cuneiform Ancient Sumerian wedge-shaped writing system
Hieroglyphics Ancient Egyptian writing system that used pictures and symbols to represent words and sounds
Monotheistic Belief in one god
Polytheistic Belief in many gods
Golden Age A time of peace, prosperity, and cultural achievements
Monsoon Seasonal winds that drastically affect the amount of precipitation (mostly in SE Asia (ex. India, Nepal))
Terrace Farming Farming on a mountainside by creating flat "steps"
Mandate of Heaven Chinese belief that heaven grants a ruler the right to rule, and in turn, the people owe the ruler complete loyalty and obedience
Dynastic Cycle Rise and fall of Chinese rulers according to the Mandate of Heaven
Civil Service Test A test on Chinese law, history and Confucianism to see who was educated enough to be in the government (test based on merit)
Filial Piety Respect for one's elders/parents/superiors
Global 9-Unit 3 Early River Valley Civilizations

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