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What are the three types of weathering? 1.Mechanical/Physical2.Chemical3.Biological
List the four types of mechanical weathering 1.Freeze-thaw action2.Exfoliation/Onion weathering3.Pressure release/Unloading4.Salt crystallisation
In what type of area does freeze-thaw action occur? Mid-latitude areas where the temperature fluctuates around zero degrees celsius
What type of rock is usually associated with pressure release? Intrusive igneous rocks
In what type of area does salt crystallisation occur? In dry climates with high temperatures and therefore strong evaporation rates
Why is exfoliation common in the hot desert regions? There is a large diurnal temperature range due to the lack of cloud cover
Define 'denudation' Denudation is the removal of rock from the Earth's surface by the processes of weathering and erosion
What is the difference between weathering and erosion? Erosion implies movement, while weathering is the in situ breakdown of rock, and therefore does not imply movement
Name an Irish example where carbonation has occurred to form a distinctive karst landscape. Name this landscape The Burren in Co. Clare. Limestone pavement is formed
What are the agents of biological weathering? Plants and animals
What is a tor? A tor is a rock outcrop formed by weathering
During unloading, what causes the pressure to be released? The erosion of the overlying layers of rock
Define 'diurnal temperature variation' Diurnal temperature variation is the change in temperature over a 24-hour period, from the high temperatures during the day to the low temperatures at night
What happens during salt crystallisation after the salt solutions seep into cracks and joints in the rock? The water evaporates, leaving the salt crystals behind, which then expand from the heat and exert pressure on the rock, causing it to disintegrate and break down
What chemical is formed when a weak carbonic acid reacts with calcium carbonate in limestone rock? Calcium bicarbonate
Name an example of exfoliation 1.The Sahara Desertor2.The Kissing Camels in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado, USA
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