Question Answer
Aller to go
Je suis alle(e) I went
Je vais I go/I am going
J’irai I will go
Etre to be
J’ai ete I was
Je suis I am
Je serai I will be
Avoir To have
J’ai eu I had
J’ai I have
J’aurai I will have
J’ai vu I saw
Je vois I see
Je verrai I will see
Vouloir to want
J’ai voulu I wanted
Je veux I want
Je voudrai I will want
Prendre to take
J’ai pris I took
Je prends I take/I am taking
Je prendrai I will take
Faire to make/do
J’ai fait I made/I did
Je fais I make/I am making/ I do/I am doing
Je ferai I will make/I will do
Pouvoir to be able
J’ai pu I could/I was able
Je peux I can/I am able
Je pourrai I will be able to
Venir to come
Je suis venu I came
Je viens I come/ I am coming
Je viendrai I will come
Devoir to have to
J’ai du I had to
Je dois I have to/I must
Je devrai I will have to
Boire to drink
J’ai bu I drank
Je bois I drink/I am drinking
Je boirai I will drink
Croire to believe
J’ai cru I believed
Je crois I believe
Je croirai I will believe
Dire to say
J’ai dit I said
Je dis I say/I am saying
Je dirai I will say
Courir to run
J’ai couru I ran
Je cours I run/I am running
Je courrai I will run
Rentrer to return
Je suis rentre I returned
Je rentre I return/I am returning
Je rentrerai I will return
Envoyer to send
J’ai envoye I sent
J’envoie I send/I am sending
J’enverrai I will send
Lire to read
J’ai lu I read (Past tense)
Je lis I read/I am reading
Je lirai I will read
Dormir to sleep
J’ai dormi I slept
Je dors I sleep/I am sleeping
Je dormirai I will sleep
Partir to leave
Je suis parti(e) I left
Je pars I leave/I am leaving
Je partirai I will leave
Savoir to know
J’ai su I knew
Je sais I know
Je saurai I will know
Foynesfr Verbes mix Les Verbes – Passe, Present et Futur

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