Term Definition
GREECE In Greece, the Athenians created the first direct democracy, now centuries later, many colonists in America practiced direct democracy, by holding town meeting to vote on local issues.
ROME In Rome 509 B.C., had founded a government where representatives are elected to make laws, called a Republic. Colonial legislatures resembled the Roman form of government.
MAGNA CARTA The Magna Carta listed rights that had more power than english monarch. That was the first time the monarch’s power has ever been limited. Soon eventually, all of those rights were given to all English citizens.
ENGLISH BILL OF RIGHTS The English Bill of Rights was much more powerful than the monarch. Everyone, including the government had to follow every single one of these laws no matter what. The English Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta protect everyone of tyranny.
JOHN LOCKE John Locke thought that the purpose of the government was to protect natural rights; the rights to life, liberty, and property. Any governmant that abuses it’s power should not be obeyed.
MONTESQUIEU Colonial leaders were drawn to Montesquieu’s proposal instead of Locke’s because they thought that power could lead to a tyranny. Montesquieu wanted seperation of powers, deviding government power amung legislative, executive, and judicial branches.
Founding Fathers Inf Will help you study what the founding fathers have influenced the USA to do

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