Question Answer
Direct high frequency is used to treat oily skin and results in germicidal effect True
Effleurage is a late relaxing smooth gentle stroking or circular manipulation True
A body system is a group of organs that together perform one or more vital functions for the body True
First degree burns affect both the epidermis and underlying dermis False
Examples of conductors include aluminum carbon and water True
During the delivery phase the enestatition summarizes and ensures that the client agrees on the recommended treatments False
A local infection carries bacteria and toxins to all parts of the body False
The last step during a waxing procedure is to apply a soothing gel True
A free electron is the name given to an electron in the outermost orbit that is easily moved from its orbit True
Permanent hair removal methods include shaving the use of chemical tweezing and waxing False
Oily skin needs moisturizing as much as dry skin True
Squamous cell carcinoma is the most dangerous skin growth False
The atomic number indicates how many electrons are in a single atom of the element False
Pores are tiny openings which allows sweat or sebum to pass through the skin True
Asking client to rebook another appointment occurs during the completion phase of the client visit True
The endocrine system breaks down food so that it can be absorbed by cells or eliminated from the body as waste False
Fluorescent lighting is the ideal lighting for makeup application False
Makeup colors for evening are often lighter and less intense
Final true and false

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