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A substance or ingredient that could cause a client to have an allergic reaction is Allergen
The form that helps than esthetician obtain client information pertinent to the services is the Client consultation
During the last phase of hair growth which is Telogen
First step in skincare regimen is Cleansing
The study and philosophy of human conduct that describes people's relationship with their employer co-workers and clients is called Professional ethics
All successful business depend on a strong Team
______ color scheme uses the same color with variations in value and intensity throughout the entire makeup design Monochromatic
Making a spur-of-the-moment decision to buy something is called Impulse buying
A kind of rent in which a set dollar amount is paid per month plus a percentage of the total monthly income is called Variable rent
Desincrustation solution is a highly _______ solution that liquefies sebum Alkaline
All the property a person owns is called Assets
Providing clients with a home care treatment plan along with application details is usually done during the_____Phase Completion
Carbohydrates should account for what percent of the daily nutrient intake 45 to 65%
The hair removal method called________ utilizes a hundred percent cotton thread that is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin Threading
To make the lip color last longer apply__________ or lip primer to the lips prior to any lip color Foundation
The phase of service during which the nest Edition performs a treatment to satisfy the client's needs is the _______phase. Delivery phase
The term that refers to the scheduling of the clients next appointment in advance is called
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