Term Definition
Caravel a light, fast sailing ship that steered with a rubber at the stern and was equipped with triangular sails that could be turned to catch wind from any direction
Vasco de Gama Portuguese sailor, 1st to sail around Africa to reach India
Christopher Columbus Italian sailor supported by the rulers of Spain, he reached the Americas in 1492, becoming the first European to do so
Ferdinand Magellan Led a voyage around South America's southern tip, continuing into the Pacific even though his ships were low on food and water. Credited with the 1st circumnavigation
Circumnavigate To go all the way around
Encomienda Spanish colonial system in which a colonist was given a certain amount of land and a number of Native Americans to work the land in exchange for teaching the Native Americans Christianity
Conquistador The Spanish soldiers, explorers, and fortune hunters who took part in the conquest of the Americas in the 16th century
Viceroys Officials who ruled Spain's American empire
Line of Demarcation An imaginary dividing line, drawn north to south, through the Atlantic Ocean
Treaty of Tordesillas Agreement between Portugal and Spain
Exploration and Expa

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