Term Definition
Plants use CO2 in the of __________ to make ______ oxygen Photosynthesis, sugar
Animal use oxygen in the process of _______ make more CO2 Respiration
The ______ is main regulator of CO2 in the atmosphere because CO2 dissolves easily in it Ocean
In the past, huge deposits of carbon were stored as dead plants and animals ____ Decayed
Today these deposits are burned as fossil fuels, which include __________ Coal, oil, and natural oil
More CO2 is released in the atmosphere today than in the past because of __________ Burning of fossil fuel
Another natural source for CO2 is ________ Volcano s
Too much CO2 in the atmosphere may be responsible for the ____________ Greenhouse effect
Our atmosphere is ______ nitrogen gas 78%
Animals and plants cannot directly use all the nitrogen found in our ____________ Atmosphere
Only special bacteria can directly use nitrogen in our atmosphere and “fix” it so other organism can benefit. These bacteria are called Nitrogen-fixing bacteria
Higher organisms use nitrogen to make their Proteins
Animals waste decay by the action of bacteria which create _____ and ________ product rich in nitrogen. And useful for plants to use again Ammonia and nitrate
_________ bacteria in soil can break down the ammonia into the gaseous form of nitrogen, which is not available for useful for use by plants or animals Denitrification
In another part of the cycle, animals eat ___________ containing nitrogen, which is again returned to the soil by animal __________ or decaying ___________ and ____ Plants, waste, animals and planets
CELL Need oxygen to work or make energy
Environmental ? Cycle terms

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