Question Answer
revile v- to attack with words, call bad names
reprieve n- temporary relief or delay; v- to grant post ponment
rectify v- to make right, correct
prototype n- an original model on which later versions are patterened
precipice n- a very steep cliff, brink or edge of disaster
pompous adj- overly self important in speech and manner
pliant adj- bending readily easily influenced
larceny n- theft
intrepid adj- very brave, fearless, unshakable
incinerate v- to burn to ashes
inanimate adj- not having life, without energy
hood wink v- to mislead by a trick, swindle
fated adj- determined in advance by destiny or fortune
disentangle v- to force free from tangles or complication
daunt v- to overcome with fear, intimidate
auspicious adj- favorable, fortunate
arduous adj- hard to do, requiring much effort
anarchy n- lack of government and law confusion
access n- approach or admittance to places, persons, things; an increase
abscond v- to run off and hide
English 10/19

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