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Rotor is what A rotating field of windings
A stater is A stationary winding
Rotor is what current DC
A stater is what current AC
Generator principle A magnetic field(rotor), a conductor(stater) in magnetic field, relative motion
An alternator converts Mechanical energy into electrical energy
A voltage regulator Regulates the flow of current and prevents component damage
The stater produces how many phases of ac 3
2 different kinds of starter windings Wye and delta both 3 ind looping wires
Place where all 3 wires in a stator meet Junction
Wye stators are used in Cars and light trucks Low speed
Delta stators are used in Stationary generators High speed alternator
Three phase current is better because More consistent and even power delivery
How do you do a stater circuit test DMM on ohm setting and touch the positive and negative leads to either 2 loop endings
How do you do a stater grounded certain test DMM meter on ohms setting and touch one lead to a loop and one to the stator ring. You should not have a reading
Rotor open circuit or field coil resistance test Ohm setting and Touch each lead of the DMM meter to each slip ring
Rotor ground circuit test Ohm setting one lead to slip ring and other on the rotor shaft
The ______ converts ac voltage to D.C. Voltage Rectifier
The ______ controls the alternator output Voltage regulators
The ______ conducts current to the rotor field Brushes and slip ring
When working with the alternator you should always do what to the battery Pull the ground off to prevent short circuits
A diode allows Current to flow in one direction Electrical check valve
Diodes are attached by Salder threaded and press snap fit
Diode trio is connected Between the stator leads and the positive brush or voltage regulator
The rectifier bridge consists of Diodes and a heat sink
The positive terminal of a diode is called Anode
The negative terminal of a diode is called Cathode
Four main components of solid-state circuits Transistor diode resistor capacitor
What is the space between a positive and negative diode Depletion zone
A diode always points to Negative or cathode
Three ways to use diodes Rectification isolation suppression
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