Term Definition
iracundia, -ae, f. irritability (irate)
poena, -ae, f. punishment (subpoena)
scapha, -ae, f. small boat (skiff)
Pompeii, -orum, m. Pompeii
templum, -i, n. temple (contemplation)
rogatio, -onis, f. question (interrogate)
ignoro, -are, -avi, -atus to be ignorant (ignorance)
nato, -are, -avi, -aturus to swim (natatorial)
obsecro, -are, -avi, -atus to beg (obsecration)
audeo, -e*re, ausus sum to dare (audacious)
gaudeo, -e*re, gavisus sum to rejoice (gaudiness)
soleo, -e*re, solitus sum to be accustomed (insolent)
valeo, -e*re, -e*vi, -iturus to be strong (ambivalent)
arcesso, -ere, -ivi, -iturus to summon
disco, -ere, didici to learn (discern)
repello, -ere, reppuli, repulsus to drive off (repulse)
cupio, -ere, -ivi, -itus to desire (cupidinous)
rapio, -ere, -ui, -itus to snatch (rapture)
desilio, -ire, -ui to leap down
iracundus, -a -um irritable (iracundity)
verus, -a, -um true (verify)
crudelis, -e cruel (cruelty, crude)
immo vero in fact
inde then
primo first (primary)
quam primum as soon as possible
cum when (combination)
cum primum as soon as
Ave! Avete! Greetings! Hail!
poenas dare to pay the penalty
Pompeiis in Pompeii
vera dicere to tell the truth
Ecce Ch. 40 Vocab

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