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Who is Leif Ericson? A Viking that was the first to discover America
Who is Marco Polo? An Italian explorer who traveled across Europe and Asia in search of goods from other countries
What kind of products did China and India have that Europe wanted? silk, gunpowder, spices
What products did Africa have that Europe wanted Gold and ivory
Why did it take so long for the Europeans to read Marco Polo's book? It took 200 years before Gutenberg invented the printing press and began printing his book
Who is Johanne Gutenberg? he invented the printing press for printing the Bible; it made books more available and people became more literate
What is the Silk Road? a trading route that was originally the route used by Marco Polo
What happened to the Silk Road? The Turks, acting like pirates, shut it down
Who created a sailing school to help with the travel to Asia by boat? Prince Henry
What was the goal of all the early explorers? to find a faster way to Asia
Why did Europeans want to get to Asia? they had goods that Europeans wanted
What was the fastest mode of transportation? by water, by boat
Who was Dias? explorer who made it to the tip of Africa
Who was daGamma? an explorer who made it around Africa to India
What did Columbus believe? the world was round and you could sail west and reach Asia faster
Why did Columbus believe he landed in India? the native people were darker skinned with dark hair similar to those in India
Who was Balboa? explorer who traveled between North and South America reaching the Pacific Ocean
What did Vespucci believe? Columbus had discovered an "unknown continent" not landed in India
How was America named? after Amerigo Vespucci
Who made the journey around the world? Magellan
Magellan didn't complete his journey, why did he get credit for it in history? it was his vision and leadership that led his crew to complete the journey
Early Explorers

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