Question Answer
The _________________ grew in the swampy delta area of Lower Egypt. papyrus
Describe the papyrus plant had a brownish flower and grew 3 – 10 feet high in the hot and humid climate of Lower Egypt
What did he Egyptians use the papyrus plant for? make the world's first paperlike material
Our word paper comes from the word papyrus
Our paper was invented by the ___________________ much later in history —- AD 105; Papyrus was used before 2000 BC Chinese
Long roll of paper scroll
Early ancient Egyptians wrote using a system of pictures hieroglyphics
How did the hieroglyphics work? pictures stood for the objects pictured
How many letters were developed? 24
When the French were invading Egypt to gain control of the land route to India, a French officer discovered a strange, black stone half buried in the mud Rosetta Stone
The ___________________ became the key to unlocking the meaning of the ancient Egyptian language Rosetta Stone
They found they could make copper stronger by melting copper and tin together to make bronze

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