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Located in the northeastern corner of Africa continent Egypt
Almost all of Egypt is in the great Sahara Desert
Largest desert in the world Sahara
North of Egypt is in the Mediterranean Sea
East of Egypt is the Red Sea
Between the two fingers of the Red Sea is the Sinai Peninsula
One one side of the Sinai Peninsula is the country of Israel (Canaan)
On the other side of the Sinai Peninsula is Egypt
The Sinai Peninsula is also known as land bridge
What is the land bridge used for? used to cross the area for trading — including Abraham's great grandson Joseph
The northern part of the peninsula is desert
The southern part is very rugged ____________________ where nothing grows. mountains
Egypt has been called the ______________________ Gift of the Nile
Longest river in the world Nile (it flows over 4,000 miles)
What is special about the Nile River? It flows from south to north
A piece of land that has slowly built up over the years by deposits of loose sand and soil at the mouth of a river delta (got its name because it looks like a fan; like the Greek letter delta)
Why did the ancient Egyptians call their land "Red Land, Black Land"? because there was such a sudden change that you could stand with one foot in black, fertile farmland and the other foot could be on dry, sandy desert
What did the hot dry land give the people? protection from enemies; people wouldn't cross it
large bed of rocks piled in the river that produce small waterfalls cataract
When is the flood season? June through September
When is the planting season? October through February
When ins the harvest season? March through May
Period of serious shortage of food famine
Fastest land animal cheetah – 70mph for a few hundred yards
Tallest animal giraffe – 18 feet tall; legs are 6 feet long, and neck is even longer
heaviest animal elephant – 12 tons
This extinct volcano is not part of a mountain range Mt. Kilimanjaro; always has snow on top even though it is close to the equator
Victoria Falls has so much water cascading (falling) over that is creates loud noise and heavy mist. It is known as _____________________________ to the natives the smoke and thunders
What does the Horn of Africa resemble? horn of a rhinoceros
What does the west region look like? hump

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