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A monument with the head of a man and the body, legs, and paws of a lion that stands near the pyramids. sphinx
World's first paper like material Papyrus
a time of serious shortage of food famine
title given to an Egyptian king Pharaoh
a body wrapped and preserved for eternal life mummy
a buildup of loose sand and soil at the mouth of a river delta
second in command to the Egyptian king Vizier
a rock bed piled high in a river creating small waterfalls cataracts
a tall, pointed pillar representing the sun god Ra obelisk
ancient Egyptian writing using pictures to represent objects hieroglyphics
The _____________________ was the key of unlocking the ancient Egyptian writing. Rosetta Stone
A _____________________ is a period of serious food shortage. famine
_____________________ is often called the "Gift of the Nile" Egypt
The _____________________ desert covers most of Egypt. Sahara
_________________________ was the king who united Upper and Lower Egypt. Menes
The ___________________________- was the overseer of all the works of the king. Vizier
__________________________ was ancient Egypt's only woman pharaoh. Hatshepsut
The ______________________ plant was used to make the first paperlike material. papyrus
The system of writing developed in ancient Egypt was called hieroglyphics
The _____________________ was a device used to irrigate Egyptian fields. shadoof
Which bible character was once second in command to the Egyptian king? Joseph
What is the name for a secretary to the ruler of the court? scribe
What is the name of the large stone structure that was built near Cairo as a tomb for King Khufu? Pyramid
What is the name of the longest river in the world? Nile
_______________________ is a land formation at the mouth of the Nile river. Delta
World's second largest continent Africa
World's longest river Nile
World's largest desert Sahara
World's largest continent Asia
Low land between hills and mountains valley
Highest mountain in AFrica Kilimanjaro
A landform tha rises higher than a hill mountain
a highland plain plateau
a flat or level area of land plain
a deep, narrow valley with steep sides canyon

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