Question Answer
What is a consumer? A consumer is a person who buys goods and services for their own use
Explain proof of purchase? Proof of purchase shows that a consumer has paid for an item
Finish the act Sale of Goods and ? Supply of Services Act 1980
Explain Merchantable quality? This means goods sold must be of good quality
Explain fit for the purpose intended? Goods must do what they are supposed to do
Explain goods must be as described? Goods must be same as that described by the salesperson/brochure/packaging
Goods must be the same as the sample shown? The item you receive must be the same as the sample shown
Outline what the Sales of Goods and Supply of Act says about services? The person must have the necessary skill and use good quality materials
Outline the remedies under Sales of Goods and Supply of Act Refund, Repair, Replacement
Consumer First Year

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