Gaeilge Béarla
colscaradh divorce
shantaigh se/ si he/she desired
reiteach solution
scar siad they seperated
udaras authority
cumhacht power
meas respect
cothrom na feinne equality
leath den saibhreas equality
coimhlint conflict
neamhspleachas independence
nua-aimseartha modern
seanfhaiseanta old fashioned
traidisiunta traditional
mianta desires
posadh marriage
posta married
saol posta married life
fadhbanna problems
tiriuil homely
teolai warm
seimh gentle/mellow
abharachas materialism
leithleas selfishness
comhreiteach compromise
dolionta unbridgeable
deacrachtai difficulties
comhbha sympathy
doilios sorrow
saint greed
comhoibriu working together
compord comfort
seasamh soisialta social standing
stadas status
suaimhneas aigne peace of mind
eadochas empathy
tiomantas commitment
fuarchuiseach apathetic
Colscaradh Colscaradh le Pádraig Mac Suibhne

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