Term Definition
Dithering The ability for a computer to approximate a color by combining the RGB values.
Hexadecimal A base-16 number system that allows large numbers to be displayed by fewer characters than if the number were displayed in the regular base- 10 system. In hexadecimal, the number 10 is represented as the letter A, 15 is represented as F, and 16 is represe
Rule In a style sheet, a format instruction that consists of a specified selector and the properties and values applied to it.
Sans-Serif A font style that does not use decorative strokes at the tips of characters. Includes the Arial font family.
Selector In a style sheet, any element to which designated styles are applied.
Serif A font style that uses characters with small decorative additions at the outermost points of the characters, called strokes. Includes the Times and Times New Roman fonts.
Inline Images Images rendered in a Web Page
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