Term Definition
sectionalism regional loyalty
tariff a tax on goods brought into a country
states' rights the idea that states, rather than the federal government, should have final authority over their own affairs
free state a state that did not allow slavery before the Civil War
slave state a state that allowed slavery before the Civil War
emancipation the freeing of enslaved people
secede to leave
fugitive a person who is running away from something
underground done in secret
abolitionist a person who wanted to end slavery
Confederacy the group of states that left the Union to become their own "country." Their president was Jefferson Davis
border state During the Civil War, a state between the North and the South that was unsure of which side to support.
slave a person who is owned by someone else
casualty a person who has been wounded or killed
address a formal speech
CivilWar.TBROWN Civil War

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