Question Answer
Polar Molecules molecules that have an unequal distribution of charges
Hydrogen Bond weak bonds
O, F, and N bonds between hydrogen
Mixture combination of two different substances that keep their individual properties
Homogeneous Mixture a mixture that is uniform throughout
Solution another name for a homogeneous mixture
Componets two ________ of a solution
Solvent dissolves another substance
Solute the substance being dissolved
Heterogeneous Mixture the componets remain distinct
Colloid heterogeneous mixture where the particles do not settle out
Acids substances that release H+ ions- the more acidic the substance
Bases substances that release OH- ions — the more released the more basic the substance
pH the measure of H+ ion concentration in a solution
power of Hydrogen what does pH mean
acids pH lower than 7
acids highest cocentration of H+
acids lowest pH
bases pH greater than 7
bases highest concentration of OH-
bases highest pH
buffers mixtures that are used to keep the pH of a solution within a specific range
Chpt. 6 Sec. 3

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