Question Answer
What is an antagonist used to treat overdose. Naloxone
What is used in detoxification of morphine addicts? Methadone
Morphine produces? respiratory depression, euphoria, sedation, dysphoria, analgesia, constipation,
Morphine overdose Coma, Miosis (pinpoint eyes), respiratory depression
Competitive muscarinic receptor blockers atropine, scopolamine, propantheline
What does atropine do? blocks vagal reflex control of HR
Reversible Anticholinesterases? Physostigmine, Neostigmine (peripheral)
Direct acting cholinergic agonists? Pilocarpine, methacholine
what does organophosphate and insecticides do irreversibly inhibit cholinesterase
Pralidoxime… is an enzyme regenerator used in organophosphate toxicity
…depolarizing NMJx in activated by plasma pseudocholinesterase prevents laryngospasm succinylcholine
….non depolarizing NMJnx blocker d-tubocurarine
ganglionic blockers that produce orthostatic hypotension… mecamylamine and hexamethonium
Cholinergic crisis (6) bradycardia, bronchocontrictions, lacrimation, diarrhea, vol mm weakness, salivation
Scopolamine OD Disorientation, confusion, hallucinations, burning dry mouth, hyperthermia

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