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what from the Americas allowed Spain to become the most powerful nation in Europe wealth
who was the first modern monarch reigned from 1556-1598 King Phillip II
Absolute Monarchy: Complete authority over the government and the people.
Divine Right to Rule: Authority to rule directly from God.
what affected Spain’s Decline the war of Spanish Armada
what was The SPANISH ARMADA war that to invade England. He lost the battle to Queen Elizabeth. This ended spain's naval superiority
France Under Louis XIV reigned from 1643-1715, great grandson of Philip II of Spain, only a child when he inherited the throne, took power over at age of 18 & ruled for 72 yrs
The Sun King Louis XIV , chose this as a symbol of his power
how does the Sun King strengthen royal power "I am the state":France-Absolute
estates general representative assembly; made up of the different social classes-to make laws
intendants royal officials who carried out the king's policies (very powerful)
Versailles symbol of royal power
the Palace hunting lodge the king added, which was a magnificent home
the Levee the rising, a ceremony to wake the king up in the morning
French culture; under whose leadership Louis XIV
became the standard for Europe french language,arts,manners,culture,etc. previously known as Renaissance Italy
wars many wars that were expensive& drained the treasury
England Triumph of Parliment NO absolutism
two branches or houses of the parliment lords, Commons
the tudor dunasty henry VIII & elizabeth which worked well with Parliament
the stuart dynasty ruling family in scotland who had absolute power in scotland & expected to have it in england
James I called for a new translation of the bible (KJV) which challenged Parliment
Charles I challenged Parliments authority
English Petition of Rights 1628 issued by the Parliament & set out specific things the king (Charles I) could not do
the english civil war 1642-1649 charles clashed with Parliament
what caused the english civil war powers of parliament & charles I dissolving parliament
the Cavaliers supporters of parliament
the Roundheads supporters of parliament who had short hair
european rulers say what about king charles I he was exacuted ( rather than beheaded)
Oliver Cromwell "Lord Protector" military genius
`who encouraged education for all children Puritans
Charles II "Merry Monarch"
the glorious revolution william and mary had to agree to become limited monarch to avoid bloodshed
Power of the Purse parliament approves money for war & new tax
habeas corpus no person can be held in prison without being charged with a crime
the German States torn apart by the Thirty Years War when Germany was divided into more than 360 states
Maria Theresa Hapsburg Monarch, first woman to rule Austria & had 16 children
Prussia Frederick II of "The Great"
absolute monarchy on Russia Czar Peter the Great
Czar Peter's journey took him where west; westernization
window to the West was where Baltic Sea
new capital city St.Petersburg
how did Catherine the great become the Czarina of the country her husband was the czar & he died which made her queen
foreign policies seized territory from Poland & won a warm water port on the Black Sea

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