Term Definition
Second Continental Congress It managed the colonial war efforts and moved slowly to Americas independence.
Continental army This was the army formed by the second continental congress after the American revolution started.
George Washington He was the general of the continental army and was the first president of the united states of america.
Battle Of Bunker Hill This battle was fought to hold better position to capture Boston.
Impose To be forced to accept something.
Independence being free or not under tyranny.
policies principles to guide decisions.
Olive Branch a sign of peace or victory.
Thomas Paine A famous author of a pamphlet called common sense.
Common Sense A pamphlet that supported the patriots.
Declaration of Independence A document that declared Americas Independence from Britain to the world.
Thomas Jefferson Writer of the Declaration Of Independence.
Natural Rights Rights you are born with. EX. Life Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness.
Fundamental Rights Human Freedoms. EX. Religion equality etc.
Independence Day The day we officially declared independence from Britain.
Patrick Henry Made a famous slogan "give me liberty or give me death."
The preamble of The Declaration Of Independence The introduction of the document called The Declaration Of Independence.
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