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England and France feared and were competitive with each other
Native Americans lived on lands owned by both countries.
French left Natives alone
British did not
French and British land at The Ohio River valley
The French began to build forts to protect The Ohio River valley
The governor sent____to tell the french to leave/live George Washington
Militia group of civilians trained as soldiers but not part of the regular army.
Washington returned to build a fort
Washington's troops attached a small French force
This began the French and Indian War.
meeting of the colonial leaders The Albany Congress
Purpose get the colonies to help defeat the french
Alliance agreement between nations or groups to help each other against other nations or groups
The Albany Pan of Union created by Benjamin Franklin
The Albany of congress would control western settlements
The Albany of congress would handle relations with Native Americans
The Albany of congress could organize armies and collected taxes
colonists rejected the plan They wanted to sell their own taxes and control their own armies
General Edward Braddock British Military official
General Edward Braddock is used to fighting in formation in open fields
General Edward Braddock would march his men, wearing red coats, in a single line on a narrow path to Fort Duquesne
General Edward Braddock(he and his men) he and half of his men were killed
Britain declared war on France
Seven Years War included most major world powers at the time
William Pitt prime minister of Britain
James Wolfie one of Britain's top generals
The British captured Fort Duequesne
British Renamed Fort Duequesne Fort Pitt
Some Iroquois tribes started to slide with this British
Pitt and his men captured Queber
without Quebec and France could no longer control most of its North American territory
Treaty of Paris ended the sevens year war
France ceded most if territory
cede surrender
Britain gained French Canada all French territory east of the Mississippi, and florida
Pontiac leader of the Ottawa nation, formed and alliance with other Native American groups.
Pontiac's War started a war against the British colonists in order to protect Native Americans lands.
The Proclamation of 1763 Declared that colonists could not live west of the Appalachian Mountains colonists become angry
A difference of Opinion Britain's raises taxes
A difference of Opinion(war) war left them in debt
A difference of Opinions believed believed it was the colonists duty to help with the debt, colonists react
Colonists angry Britain
Britain and colonists tensions rise
The sugar act(placed a duty) or import tax, on several products like sugar and molasses
Sugar Act harsher punishment to smugglers
Result of the Sugar Act colonists had to pay more money for the goods they needed
This Quartering Act colonists had to give troops a place to live, feed them, and make sure they had supplies.
The colonists felt this was a violation of their rights
The stamp Act Required that colonists purchase special tax stamps.
The stamp act(ex) newspapers, licenses, contracts, other documents
colonial response protests by civilians and the House of Burgesses
Boycotts por refuses to buy certain products, or British goods
Pretitions or written requests to government, calling requests to government, calling for an end to the stamp
Patrick Henry speech about the act
Win 1766- Parliament repealed the act
lose 1766-Parliament passes the Declaratory Act
Win-Lose stated that Parliament had total authority over the colonies
townshed acts stated that" Britains would not tax products of activities inside the colonies Britain would tax products imported to the colonies
Writs of Assistence or court orders that allowed officials to make searched without saying what they are looking for
used to? used to enforce the townshed acts
colonists began to Boycott British goods
The Boston Massacre March 5, 1770
townshed acts were repealed except for tax on tea
group of sailors threw rocks and soldiers at a small group of soldiers
crispus attucks and African American sailor and the first person to die in the name of American Independence
John Adams defended the soldiers from the Boston Massacre, he supported colonial rights, he believed that every person had the right to a lawyer and a fair trial
Committee of Correspondence Established by Samuel Adams (cousin of J Adams)
This committee kept colonists in communication with each other
kept them informed of britains activities,wrote letters and pamphlets in order to unite colonists in opposition to British actions
The Tea Act declared that: Prices of tea would be lowered
The East India Company which
Chapter 5: Hiatory notes on chapter 5

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