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Why did people in other European countries resist Napoleon's efforts to build an empire? Because they didn't want him taking over their country and due to Napoleon's mistakes, he never did take over and he lost.
Why was Napoleon's delay of the retreat from Moscow such a great blunder? Because he had decided to stay longer during the winter months, the weather was extremely harsh and he and his army were not prepared. Due to the scorched-earth policy, they also had no food to eat or drink.
Why did Napoleon have trouble fighting the enemy forces in the Peninsular War? Because his fleet was split into 2 and captured and he was forced to give up all of his plans to invade Great Britain and was unable to invade Great Britain.
How did Great Britain combat Napoleon's naval blockade? Great Britain responded with their own set of blockades and still ignored Napoleon's blockade's and smuggled goods into France anyway.
Which of Napoleon's mistakes was the most serious and why? The worst was when he tried to take over Russia, because during that period of time, he lost over 10,000 of his men and he stayed in Russia for an extra month, so he himself was suffering from the weather and lack of food.
Chapter 23 Section 4 napoleon

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