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old order frances social and political structure that places the king at the top and three estates below him
king louis XVI ruler during early years of the french revolution
marie-antoinette ausrtian wife of king louis XVI serving as the queen during his reign
first estate small privileged class made up of roman catholic clergy in france
second estate the class in france that was made up nobility
third estate the class of 97% of france made up of the bourgeoisie artisans merchants and peasants
bourgeoisie city dwelling merchants factory owners and professionals
sansculottes ''without knee breeches ''a nickname for workers of the thirsd estate
declaration of the rights of man and the citizen document written by the national assembly advocating equality freedom of speach and freedom of religion
radicals people favoring extreme change
maximilien robespierre mountain member and a leader of the national convention
guilotine an execution device that drops a sharp heavy blade through the victims neck
counterrevolution a revolution against a goverment established by a revolution
reign of terror series of accusations arrest and executions started by the mountain
napoleon bonaparte ambitious military leader who became emperor of france
admiral horatio nelson british naval commander who won the battle of the nile
coup d'etat a force transfer of power
plebiscite a question put before all voteers
continenntal system a blockade that stopped french
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