Term Definition
radical people who tame extreme measures when it comes to politics
judiciary act of 1801 Adams had appointed as many federalist judges possible
john marshall Adams had selected john Marshall as cheif justice
marbury v. madison an important decision in the marshal court
unconstitutional not in accordance with the law
judicial review when the supreme court has the final say
Louisiana purchase the purchase of the Louisiana land
Lewis and Clark expedition an exploration of st. lous
William Clark he selected to oversee a volentier force
sacagawea a Shoshone woman
zebulon pike led an expedition to find the red rivers and arkansas
impressment kidnapping
tecumseh a Shawnee chief
war hawk westerners
embargo act of 1807
Oliver hazard perry
battle of the thames
Francis Scott key
treaty of ghent
meriwether Lewis
chapter 10 vocab

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