Term Definition
radical take extreme political posistions
Marbury vs. Madison first case where the Supreme court used its power
Judiciary act of 1801 means that the next president faced a very firm Federalist jury
John Marshal cheif justice for 30 years, holding up his federalist views
unconstitutinal against the constitutuon
judicial review Supreme courts review
Louisiana Purchase doubled U.S. size, for $15 mil (3 cents an acre)
Lewis and Clark expedition explored the new land gained in the Louisiana purchase
Meriwether Lewis Lead the expedition
William CLark helped Lewis with his mission
Sacagawea Her knowledge and language skills proved to be wonderful assets to the expedition. She left with her baby and French trapper husband. She was only 17
Zebulon Pike He went on a mission to discover the source of the Red River, instead found Pikes peak and the Rio Grande. Went back to the U.S. with great knowledge of the Great Plains and Rio Grande River Valley
Impressment kidnapping of another nations sailors to work on you nations ships
Tecumseh vowed to stop the loss of Native american land, as he was a Shawnee Chief
Embargo Act of 1807 Stopped export trade with foreign nations, and all trade with the British
War Hawk a person who wanted war with the Native Americans
Oliver Hazard Perry took charge of the infant fleet of Fort Erie
Francis Scott Key watched the all night battle over a detained British ship
Battle or the Thames Americans defeat the British, sending them packing into Canada
Treaty of Ghent ended the War of 1812
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