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Where is bile produced? Liver
What does halitosis mean? Foul smelling breath
What does stomat/o mean? Mouth
What does emesis mean? Vomit
What does cheil/o mean? Lip
What does choledoch/o mean? Bile duct
What is a congenital hernia? Hernias in infants or during early childhood
What are the functions of the liver? Produce bile and remove glucose (sugar) from the blood
What is dysphagia? Bad or painful swallowing or eating
What structure has both respiratory and digestive functions? Pharynx
What is deglutition? Chewing and moving it to the back of the mouth for swallowing
What is a hernia? Protrusion of any organ, tissue, or structure through the wall
What are rugae? Folds in the stomach
What is peristalsis? Food propelled through the GI track by coordinated, rhythmic muscle contractions
What is the term for loss of appetite? Anorexia
What is the term for black tarry stools? Melana
What is the ulcer that produces a hole in the stomach wall called? Perforated or peptic ulcer
What is the surgical connection of two tubular structures called? Anastomosis
What is produced by the liver? Bile
What does the term ascites mean? Abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen
What are papillae? Surface elevations of the tongue capable of perceiving taste
What does the term eupepsia mean? Good digestive
IBS is also know as what? Irritable bowel syndrome or spastic colon
What are villi? Finger like projections that absorb nutrients in chyme- small intestine
When the blood supply to a herniated structure is cut off because of pressure, the hernia is said to be what? Strangulated
What is volvulus? Life threatening obstruction in which the bowel twists itself
What is proctoscopy? Visual examination of the anus or rectum
Where is the pancreas located? Behind the stomach
What is the function of the pancreas? Secrete insulin and produce enzymes
What is the shape of the pancreas? Elongated and flattened
The structure that carries bile from the liver to the duodenum is the what? Common bile duct
What section of the large intestine is associated with the appendix? Cecum
Chap 6 digestive

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