Term Definition
oto ear
spir breathe
acid fast bacilli smear (AFB) a clinical test performed on sputum to identify the presence of bacteria that react to acid
adenoidectomy removal of the adenoid
antihistimine a drug that inhibits the effects of histimines
arterial blood gases a test on blood for oxygen and carbon dioxide levels
aspiration the removal of fluid, air, or foreign bodies to clear the airway
auscultation listening to sounds within the body during a physical exam
bronchodilation relaxes the smooth muscle of the airways
bronchography x-ray imaging of the bronchi
bronchoscopy viewing the bronchi with a scope
CPAP continuous positive airway pressure
endotracheal intubation insertion of a breathing tube into the trachea
expectorant a drug that breaks up mucus and promotes coughing up mucus
incentive spirometry postoperative breathing therapy to improve lung expansion
larygectomy surgical removal of the larynx
laryngotracheotomy incision into the larynx and trachea
lobectomy surgical removal of a lobe of the lung
mechanical ventilation provides oxygen to patients in respiratory distress
nebulizer a device that converts a liquid medication to a mist to be inhaled
oximetry measure of oxygen in the blood
pneumonectomy surgical removal of a lung
pulmonary angiography a test that evaluates blood circulation in the lungs
resuscitation emergency procedure used to restore breathing, CPR
thoracostomy puncture into the chest cavity to place a chest tube
thoracotomy incision into the chest wall
ventilation-perfusion scan test that uses radioactive material to evaluate lung function
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