Question Answer
assault intentional threat to physically or offensively injure another
battery harmful offensive touching
conversion using property in a manner inconsistent with the owners rights
damages a sum of money claimed or awarded in compensation for loss or injury
defamation damaging someone's reputation
evidence facts of whether or not a crime has been committed
false imprisonment being imprisoned without proper legal authority
fraud criminal deception intended to result in personal or financial gain
intentional tort a category of civil torts that describes a civil wrong resulting from an intentional act
invasion of privacy breach of a right to privacy
judgement a decision of a court or judge
negligence failure to take proper care in doing something
strict liability liability that doesn't depend on actual negligence or intent to harm
subpoena a writ requiring a person to attend court
testimony a formal written or spoken statement given in court
tort a wrongful act or infringement of a right
trespass to land when private property is entered without a lawful excuse
verdict a decision on a civil or criminal case
witness a person who sees a crime happen
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