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Where did the Israelite's build their kingdom? Canaan
What was different about the Israelite's religion? It was known as Judaism and they believed in one god. Monotheism.
What do we call their faith today? Judaism
Who were the Israelite's named after? Why? Jacob and because Jacob was also known as Israel and it meant, “ One who struggles with God.”
Where did the 12 tribes of Israel come from? Jacob children and Canaan
Monotheism The belief in one god.
Exile The period of forced absence from one’s country or home.
Nebuchadnezzar The Chaldean's king and captured Jerusalem and punished the Jews.
Drought A long period with shortage of water or rain.
Solomon David's son built the original temple and Israelite king.
Ten Commandments Moral code of laws handed down by god to moses on Mt. Sinai.
David The new king that was a young shepherd. Israelites 2nd king.
Torah The laws that according to the bible, Moses received from God on Mount Sinai. The first five books of the hebrew bible.
Covenant Agreement with a god.
Sabbath Weekly day of worship and rest for Jews.
Babylonian Captivity Is the period in Jewish history during which a number of people from the ancient Kingdom of Judah were captives in Babylonia.
Israelite Herders and traders descendants from Abraham.
Prophet Person who claims to be instructed by God to share God’s words.
Proverb Wise saying from the bible.
Rabbi Jewish leader and teacher of the Torah.
Synagogue Jewish house of worship.
Solomon The? ? son? ? of? ? David who? ? became? ? the? ? next? ? king? ? of? ? the Israelite's. He? ? built? ? stone temples ??in? ? Jerusalem? ? that? ? father? ? wanted.? ??Known for? ? his? ? proverbs? ? in? ? the? ? Bible.
Nebuchadnezzar King Nebuchadnezzar punished the Jews by relocating 10,000 of them to Babylon. The temple of Jerusalem was destroyed while Chaldean put down the revolt lead by Jeremiah. This was known as Babylonian Captivity in Jewish history.
David The? ?second king? ? of? ? the? ?Israelite's. ??He? ? was? ? chosen? ? by God? ? and? ? anointed? ? by? ? Samuel.? ??He? ? was? ? the? ? key? ? player? ? in? ? the David and Goliath story? ? (Philistines).?
Saul Warrior-farmer,? ? chosen? ? by? ? the? ? Israelite's to? ? be? ? their? ? first king. Was? ? anointed? ? by? ? Samuel.? ??He? ? displeased? ? God? ? by disobeying? ? some? ? of? ? his? commands.
Israelites The Israelite story begins with some of the culture heroes of the Jewish people, the Patriarchs. The Torah traces the Israelites to the patriarch Jacob, grandson of Abraham.
Jacob Named after the Isrealites because he was know as Israel and it meant, "One who struggles with God."
Kosher Today food prepared according to law is called.
Amos Prophet ?who ?was ?a ?moral ?reformer. ?He ?wanted? people ?to ?work towards ?a ?just? society. He? was? concerned? with ?corruption ?of ?faith and? morality ?of? which ?the? Israelites? were ?suffering.? He? made? the famous? statement: "Justice should r
Moses He went to the top of Mount Sinai. There, he received laws from God. These laws were known as the Torah
Kashrut laws says Jews cannot eat which foods? Jews can't cook or eat dairy products with meat.
Quiz format: -There will be two matching sections that will include vocabulary words, as well as, some of the people listed above-11 questions.-There will be regular multiple-choice questions-9 questions.
Quiz format: -There will be a reading from the Exodus with 5 questions, a chart to interpret with 2 questions, and a map of Israel to interpret with 3 questions.-Total of 30 questions on the quiz.
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