Term Definition
piankhi king of ancient kush; he led the kushites north into egypt, conquering all of egypt and making himself pharaoh.
smelt to melt or fuse metal in order to separate the matallice components.
delta a triangular region formed at the mouth of a river by deposits of silt.
cataracts rocky streches in a river marked by rapid currents or waterfalls.
menes first pharaoh of eygpt; he is credited with uniting upper and lower eygpt and is said to have founded the city of memphis, the capital of unified eygpt.
pharaoh ruler of ancient eygpt.
theocracy a goverment ruled by religious leaders who claim gods authority.
bureaucracy a highly structured organization, often govermental, managed by officials.
hatshepsut she took the throne in place of her stepson, thutmose lll, and during her region, focused on temple-building projects and trade.
ramses the great pharaoh of eygpt; he lead an army against hittite invaders of eygpt.
obelisks tall, thin pillars with pyramid- shaped tops.
mummification the process of preserving the body chemicals after death.
hieroglyphics a form of ancient writing in which picture symbols represent sounds.
papyrus a paper-like material made by ancient eygptians from the stem of the reedy papyrus plant.
rosetta stonea a granite stone founded in 1799.

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