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Where did most Muslims live? Some lived on deserts and some lived in towns.
Where did the trade routs connect to? The Arabia to the major ocean.
What did the caravans do in certain holy months? They stopped at the Mecca, a city in western Arabia.
What did Muhammad take interest in? Religion.
Where did Muhammad and his followers march to? Mecca.
What did the Muslims use to help teach leadership? The Qur'an.
What helped make great progress to the expanding of Islam? The "rightly guided" caliphs.
What did Muslims allow conquered people to do? Follow their own religion.
Why did the Abbasid's move the capital? To solidify the power and create a newly city.
How did Muslims trade? Through two major sea routes.
What was the name of the book that was very popular in the Muslim literature culture? The Thousand and One Nights.
What was one way to express art that was popular in the Muslim culture? Calligraphy.
Who introduced math and science to the Muslims. The scholars.
What did the doctor believe would help patients heal faster? If they were to breathe in clean air.
How many social classes were there in the Muslim society? 4 social classes.
Ch. 10 Sections 1-3 (History) 5 questions per section.

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