Question Answer
bi- two
sub- under
de- down
pre- before
super- over
submerge to put UNDER water
prepare to make ready BEFORE hand for some purpose
superior a higher rank, being OVER/above something or someone
biped a TWO-footed creature
prelude a song or performance done BEFORE an event
deposit to put in a bank or lay DOWN
countenance facial expression
profound deep
manifest obvious
prodigious huge
languor weakness
un- not
inter- between
semi- half
dis- away
sym- together
semiannual occurring every HALF year
dismiss to send AWAY
unable NOT able
symphony a piece of music played TOGETHER by many different instruments
interstellar existing BETWEEN two or more stars
disturb to pull attention AWAY
unsatisfied NOT satisfied
serene calm
acute sharp
grotesque distorted
condescend to patronize (talk down to)
odious hateful
circum- around
mal- bad
post- after
ante- before
equi- equal
circumspect cautious, careful, on the lookout, to look around
malevolence ill will, hatred, bad
postscript added to a letter that has already been concluded and signed by the writer
equilateral having all the same equal sides
antecedent proceeding, prior
exquisite beautifully made
clamor outcry
sublime lofty
tremulous quivering
allude indirectly refer to
aqua- water
audi- hear
scrib- write
cede- go
cise cut
aquatic of, in, or pertaining to water
audience spectators gathering together to hear or see a performance
incisive cutting or biting
precede to go before
describe to write down a description or to do so with words
cred- believe
dict- say
-cide kill
-miss send
-bell war
credible capable of being believed
mission sending or being sent for some duty or purpose
pesticide a chemical preparation for destroying plants or pests
contradict to speak or declare against; oppose
rebellion open, organized, and armed resistance to one's government or rule
repose resting
venerate respect
melancholy sadness
visage face
abate to lessen
spec- to look
pend- hang
Omni- all
re- again
ex- out
vulgar common, not appropriate
traverse to cross
undulate to wave
vivid bright
pallor paleness
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