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3 DNA Differences 2 StrandsDeoxyriboseThymine
3 RNA Differences 1 StrandRiboseUracil
Helicase Unzips DNA strand by breaking hydrogen bonds
REPLICATION Fork Where the unzipping stops
Leading Strand (Prime setup) 5' –> 3'
How is the leading strand replicated? RNA Primer then DNA Polymerase takes over for the whole strand
Lagging Strand (Prime setup) 3' –> 5'
How is the lagging strand replicated? 1. RNA primer lays down bits of matches2. DNA Polymerase duplicates one OKAZAKI FRAGMENT at a time3. DNA Polymerase replaces one fragment at a time on leading strand4. DNA Ligase joins fragments at the center.
G is bonded to C . Double bond or triple? triple
T is bonded to A . Double bond or triple? double
In DNA Replication the enzyme DNA Polymerase III READS DNA in which direction? 3' – – 5'
In DNA Replication the enzyme DNA Polymerase III BUILDS DNA in which direction? 5' — 3'
Who discovered complementary base pairs? Chargaff
What is the function of DNA Polymerase I? Removes RNA at prime sites and replaces with DNA
WHat is the function of DNA Ligase? Fixes one covalent bond at the end that DNA Polymerase cannot build
WHat are the three key parts of the basic structure of a nucleotide? A 5 carbon sugar (Deoxyribose) a phosphate backbone and one of four bases. Adenine, guanine, cytosine and Thymine
Semi conservative model explains what? The two strands of DNA separate and each serves as a template for synthesis of a new complementary strand.
Describe the Central Dogma of genetics? Genetic information flows from DNA->RNA->protein
function of mRNA carries the genetic code from the nucleus to the Ribosomes.
Function of rRNA Major make-up of Ribosomes. Provide the structure for the creation of polypeptides.
Function of tRNA Carries the amino acids from cytoplasm to Ribosomes.
Stop codons uaa uga uag
Start codon & MET aug
Biology 112 Mod9

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