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Job Of Cell Membrane controls what comes in and out of the cell
Job Of Cell Wall protects/supports cell; allows oxygen and water to pass through
Job Of Nucleus controls the cells activities
Job Of Cytoplasm home to cells organelles; gel like fluid
Job Of Mitochondria breaks down sugar into enegery
Job Of Ribosomes produces proteins
Job Of Chloroplasts captures energy from the sun and uses it to produce food for cell
Job Of Vacuole storage area for cell
Job Of Nuclear Membrane allows molecules and proteins to freely move in and out of the nucleus
Job Of Cytoskeleton base of both flagella and cilia
Job Of Flagella sensory organelle to chemicals and temperature outside of cell
Job Of Plasmid double stranded DNA that carries genes
Job Of Capsid includes proteins that enable the virus to bind to host cells
Job Of Endospore ensure the survival of bacteria through environmental stress
What 10 structures make up a bacteria cell? Flagella CapsidCell MembraneCell WallCytoplasm Plasmid Ribosomes Endospore Vacuoles Cytoskeleton
What 10 structures make up a plant cell? Cell WallCell Membrane Cytoplasm ChloroplastsRibosomes Central Vacuole Vacuole Nucleus Nuclear Membrane Cytoskeleton
What 9 structures make up a animal cell? Cell Membrane Cytoplasm Ribosomes Vacuole Nucleus Nuclear Membrane CytoskeletonFlagella
What 5 structures make up a virus cell? Capsid Nucleic Acid Membrane EnvelopeLigandsGenetic Materal
What structures are in plant cell but not animal cell? chloroplasts;cell wall;central vacuole
Job Of Ligands proteins that stick out of virus; recognize cell as infected and invade it
Job Of Capsid/Envelope fatty acids that coat viruses; derived from membrane of host cell
What types of genetic material are in viruses? DNA/RNA
Viruses _________________. (2 things) are non-livingcause disease
Viruses do not ________________. (2 things) growmaintain homestasis/metabolism
What type of virus? cylinder shape;RNA;capsomere of capsid Tobacco Mosaic
What type of virus? 3-d octagon shape;DNA;capsomere;glycoprotein Adenoviruses
What type of virus? Round; RNA; glycoprotein;capsid;membrane envelope Influenza
What type of virus? looks like spider w/ legs; tail fiber;tail sheath;head; DNA bacteriophage T4
Name some viral diseases. AIDS ColdEbolaHepatitis A/BInfluenzaMumpsPolioRabiesSmall PoxYellow-Fever
How do viruses reproduce? rely on host cells for reproduction;has to infect living cell before it can reproduce
How do you treat a virus? Vaccines
Viruses that evolve in geographically isolated area are ______________ to humans. pathogenic
Vaccine solution made from dead/weakened virus particles
Viruses are smaller than ______________. prokaryotes
Name the parts to a microscope. (9) ArmOcularFine Adjustment Course AdjustmentDiaphragm StageStage ClipsBase Objective Lenses
Low Power= 4x
High Power= 40x
Medium Power= 10x
Ocular= 10x
If you want to move image left in a microscope, you would move the slide to the __________. right
Chemoautotrophic obtain energy by removing electrons from inorganic molecules
Heterotrophic using organic materials formed by other organisms
Toxin chemical that harms eukaryotic cells
Antibiotic chemical that interferes with the life of a bacteria
Prokaryote cell without a nucleus
Eukaryote cell with a nucleus
Nucleus was discovered by ______________________. Robert Brown
Cell Theory states… all living things are composed of cellscells are basic unit of structure all cells come from other cells
Who was first to describe single celled organism and improve microscope technology? Leevenhooke
Job of Plastid pigment storage centers
Job of Central Vacuole large storage for water and ions
Who coined the term cell when experimenting with cork? Robert Hooke
What are some characteristics of life? Metabolism Interdependence EvolveHomestasisStimuli Heredity Adaptation
Sexual Reproduction requires 2 parents/union of sex cells
Asexual Reproduction only one parent
Evolution was discovered by ____________. Darwin
Pathogenic Bacteria= disease causing bacteria
examples of pathogenic bacteria… choleracavitieslyme diseaseanthraxtuberculosis
Bacteria can be killed by _____________. boiling water or by antibiotics
First antibiotic was ____________. pennicilian
Bacteria reproduce through __________. binary fission
Bacillus= rod shaped
Coccus= round shape
Spirillum= spiral shape
Diplo= 2 joined bacteria
Strepto= chain of bacteria
Staphylo= cluster of bacteria
Which characteristic of life is being portrayed?A giraffe uses its long neck to eat from the high trees. evolve
Which characteristic of life is being portrayed?Eat a good breakfast and you will be able to run longer. metabolism
Which characteristic of life is being portrayed?My dog has became less clumsy now that he has gotten older. evolve
Which characteristic of life is being portrayed?Our cat had kittens yesterday. reproduction
Tell whether it is describing bacteria/virus/eukaryote:single cells bacteria
Tell whether it is describing bacteria/virus/eukaryote:associated with pasteurization bacteria
Tell whether it is describing bacteria/virus/eukaryote:plasmid bacteria
Tell whether it is describing bacteria/virus/eukaryote:relies on host for reproduction virus
Tell whether it is describing bacteria/virus/eukaryote:May have pili bacteria
Tell whether it is describing bacteria/virus/eukaryote:Strep Throat bacteria
Tell whether it is describing bacteria/virus/eukaryote:cytoplasm contains internal compartments eukaryote
Tell whether it is describing bacteria/virus/eukaryote:contains a capsid virus
Which characteristic of life is being portrayed?ecology interdependence
How are viruses different from living cells? smallerdo not maintain homeostasisdo not grow
Which characteristic of life is being portrayed?responding to stimuli and adapting homeostasis
Which characteristic of life is being portrayed?Natural selection evolve

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