Term Definition
metabolism general term used to describe all of the chemical reactions occurring in the body
enzymes metabolic reactions required by proteins
catalyze speed up a chemical reactions
activation energy energy required to start the metabolic reaction serves as a barrier to catalysis
substrate substance upon which an enzyme reacts
active site substrate-binding region of an enzyme
induced fit change in shape of the active site of an enzyme so that it binds tightly to a substrate
metabolic rate measure of his/her energy use
cellular respiration series of metabolic reactions that converts energy stored in chemical bonds of food into energy that cells use
phosphorulation introduce a phosphoryl group into an organic compound
ATP nucleotide triphosphate base adenine
aerobic organism, environment or cellular that requires oxygen
anaerobic respiration cells to generate in the absence of oxygen
fermentation process that makes a small amount of ATP from glucose without using an electron transport chain
bio chapter 4

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