Question Answer
Particles of an atom Protons, Neutrons, Electrons
Charges of each particle in an atom Protons) PositiveNeutrons) NeutralElectrons) Negative
Where each particle of an atom is located Protons) In the nucleusNeutrons) In the nucleusElectrons) orbit the nucleus in shells
Valance electrons; what are they and where are they found They are the number of electrons in the outermost shells
Atomic number is the same as ______ & _______ Protons and electrons
Calculating an elements mass Add the number of protons and neutrons
Calculating the number of neutrons an atom has Atomic mass minus the number of protons
Elements squares; what do they provide us Provide us with the Atomic number, Atomic mass, Element name, and the Element mass
Atoms/Periodic Table

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