Term Definition
atoms small particle of matter
freezing the freezing point
melting make or become liquefied by heat.
evaporation the process of turning from liquid into vapor.
condisation gas to liquid
deposition changing from gas to solid
sudimation changing from solid to gas
protons +charge located in the nucleus
malleable metals that can be flattened without cumbling
atomic number number of protons and neutrons
density amount of mass in a certain volume
metalliods group of van be like metals and nonmetals
electons outside the nucleus and have a negative charge
metal group that are good conductors of heat and electrify, are malleable and ductile and have luster
luster shine
neutrons found in the nucleus and has no charge
chemical symbol abbreviation of chemical name
ductile metals can draw into a thin wire
corrosive property of metal=rusting
atomic mass how many much a certain amount weights
nonmetal group that are poor conductors of heat and electrity
atoms smallest partical that makes up matter
element a part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic.
atomic theory The theory of Atoms

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